Posting Your Gauges or Parts to Us

If you are sending instruments to us please fill out the INSTRUMENT CHECKLIST FORM then, print it out and include it in the parcel to us.

It may be necessary to send your gauges or parts to us for calibration, restoration, repair, or just as examples of what you require from us. Please pack them well so that they reach us in good condition, and ensure that they are accompanied by
all the necessary information and instructions.

We do get damaged parts delivered to us and this sometimes results in delays and extra cost.
If your gauges contain glass, please tape a piece of stiff card over the glass and pack the items in a well padded box.

Do not use Jiffy Bags for instruments and gauges as they give insufficient protection to impact and crushing. Use a rigid
cardboard box which is at least twice the size of the enclosed items and separate them from each other, and from the
sides of the box, using foam granules, bubble wrap, rolled up paper or other suitable soft packing.

Please label all packages clearly and address them to..

Sending Gauges - Calibration, Restoration, Repair,Speedy Cables (London) Ltd

Don’t forget to include your address, telephone number and any other contact details on a piece of paper, or delivery note enclosed with the package.

Please also include any special instructions, calibration details or other information which will help us to ensure that your order is dealt with promptly and to your requirements.
Some postal services offer minimal compensation in the event of loss or damage, and we advise using a service which
allows tracking of the delivery, as well as ensuring that their value is covered by some form of insurance.

When we return goods to you we will use a service which offers these benefits, unless you specifically ask us to do otherwise.