Bentley 3/8 Litre Instrument Set (Aged)

Instrument set for a vintage Bentley 3/8 litre hand built and made to look aged to match the vehicle

Jaguar E-Type Gauges Set

Set of Jaguar E-Type instruments repaired and restored to original condition..

Porsche 964 Tachometer

Porsche 964 tachometer with on board computer repaired. These units have a common fault where the light of the LCD screen remains turned on when the car has been locked and the alarm has been set, this causes the battery to run down.

Suffolk Sportscars Jaguar SS100

We design and supply the full set of Jaguar SS100 instruments for Suffolk Sportscars and have been producing these instruments for them for over 10 years.

Ferrari Testarossa Tachometer

Fully overhauled/refurbished tachometer (0-10,000RPM) to as new specification. Dial has been reprinted and fitted with a new chrome bezel.

Jaeger Chronometric Tachometer

Jaeger Chronometric Tachometer with Time Clock has been replaced with a modern day reliable electrical movement and quartz movement.

Smiths MG Tachometer

Smiths MG Tachometer upgraded for use with electronic ignition and reconditioned.

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