Speedy cables are cable manufacturers and suppliers of  automotive instruments including original Smiths gauges. Our ranges include speedometers, tachometers, water  and oil  temperature gauges, oil pressure gauges, voltmeters, ammeters and many other types of automobile instrument and we offer an instrument repair, renovation and calibration service. We also manufacture a wide range of cables for  automotive , industrial , marine and construction industry applications. We make cables for cars, wagons, heavy plant, boats, industry and lots of other applications.    HOLDERS OF ISO 9001 2008 APPROVAL  

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About Speedy Cables

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Authorised Supplier of
Smith’s, Caerbont (CAI) and VDO Automotive Industry
Speedo repairs, conversions, re-calibration, tacho repairs & minor gauge repairs undertaken

Control Cable Manufacturer
Speedo, tacho, control, brake, clutch and throttle cables made to pattern or customers specification